Words from Pastor Naylo

Easter Greetings.

As we travel the weeks towards Easter there is much to wonder about. This year, the ReThink Church materials from United Methodist Communications included a study series entitled, “Fearless: The Courage to Question.” Do you wonder, do you question God these days as we are silenced by nature’s fury? Do you wonder, do you question God’s Presence in these difficult financial times? Do you wonder, do you question God’s love for humanity; for YOU?

Lent has been a good time to be honest with ourselves and take the time to wrestle with our wonder; our questions. It has been a time to be in dialog with our brothers and sisters, to be faithful witnesses of what God has done and to express the doubt and fear that sometimes takes hold of us when we do not immediately hear a clear word from God.

Being able to wonder and question fearlessly is a matter of trust and trust comes from building honorable and faithful relationships. How are we doing with that?

Cherry Hill UMC is a place where we are seeking to build that kind of trust and relationships that last beyond a lifetime. If we can get to the place where we can really trust Christ, it will be easier to trust one another and to build community.

The Christ of Christmas is the Christ of Easter and Easter shows us that God can be trusted. “For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only Son, Jesus, that whoever believes him, trusts him, receives him, will have eternal life.” The Resurrection from the Grave shows that God is serious about us.

We hope you can join us for our Holy Week Events. Click here for our Easter schedule.

Pastor Naylo

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