Words from Pastor Naylo

2016 Greetings,

This year, Iím holding off on the New Yearís resolutions. It seems that as soon as we make a resolution we are confronted with our failure to hang on to them. Instead, I would like to remind myself, this is a new year full of opportunities. I want to take advantage of the opportunities that cross my path in this new year. How can I be ready? How can I seize the day? These are the questions which I am devoting myself to 2016. As I consider my questions, I realize being ready when opportunities come has more to do with my attitude than any kind of preparation I might do beforehand. In the mornings when I get up, I pray. I know and believe that prayer is what can change things, change situations, change people, even change me. I have developed a habit of prayer, but maybe what I pray and how I pray could use some fine tuning. I pray for others, I pray for them to receive healing, comfort, direction and wholeness. What have I prayed for about my actions toward them? Maybe I should be praying for God to give me the strength and the desire to DO something for those Iím praying for? Maybe in their condition, they could use a meal, or some work done around their homes, or even just a quick message to tell them they are thought about and prayed for. Usually, as we enter a new year, we ask for health and prosperity. It is certainly fun to speak our hopes and wishes aloud. Hopes and wishes however, remain just that if we donít place ourselves in the forefront of all that we hope and wish for. If we are hoping and wishing for peace, maybe we start with how we model peace. If we are hoping and wishing for prosperity, maybe we start with our own generosity to others. If we are hoping and wishing for healing, maybe we start by being a healer of all sorts of hurts in our midst. Iím praying this year, God will make me ready to love more, give more, do more for others, and just maybe, this will be the greatest year ever! Grace and Peace,

Pastor Naylo

Our pastor can be reached at (734)495-0035. His email is pastornaylo@gmail.com.